QuickStart Guide

First of all Welcome!


The purpose of this guide is to provide you with a quick reference guide about the website basics.

After you register, an email will be sent to you for validation.

Once you validate your account via email – you are ready to start publishing.

Your new account comes with $5.00 in free credits.

You will receive free credits each month based on your membership group - the higher the membership the more free credits each month.

You have three free postings waiting to be used – after that you may need to upgrade.

Some of the categories are completely free and others are paid only – this reduces spamming posts that most users do not wish to see.

You can filter any area you are in by using the checkbox filters on the left (this will filter out those not in that particular category).


My account 

My listings – also known as “items” shows any published listings you create.

My profile - is where you make changes to your profile/personal information for public display.

Public profile is how others will see you online.

Offers is for any offers others have sent to you about your postings. This has to be enabled or "checked" when you create an ad – allowing others to respond via this option.

Promotions – this is where you see your listings and how to “promote” them with added features like: highlights, move to the top, republish, make a premium, and auto republish. These are add-on extras – not required for your ad but nice to highlight or to automate options to make things more convenient.


At the top of my account page you will see Items, Wallet & Packs, Membership, Cart and Payments

“Items” is the review of your listings you have published

“Wallet and Packs” - here you can add credits and it will give you a summary of your account balance used to pay for postings

“Membership” is for upgrading to any plan which can provide you with additional savings

“Cart” is for what's in your cart currently

“Payments” is for what you have paid and for what historically.


Refer a friend

Please make note of your referral code inside wallet & packs. If you refer someone you know or promote it on social media and they use the code you both get $10.00 in free credits to use on the site. You get your credit when they register and they get their credit when they validate their registration. You will see this documented in your payments transactions section list as a referral within the source column.

Please see our faqs section regarding: 

How to publish a new post

How to edit or modify a post

How to enhance a post

How to write good descriptions that work great with searches.

This should get you off to a good start!

Enjoy and have fun.